Hulbee AG offers Search Appliance as a solution for every company.

Swisscows Search Appliance as a substitute for Google Appliance

Since 2002, Google has offered a Search Appliance. This service will now be discontinued, as Fortune already announced. Small and large companies are now given the opportunity to switch to Swisscows Search Appliance, the only provider „made swiss“. The Swiss provider is already known by its secure Web search. The search solution consists of powerful and proven components, meeting the best modern standards. The solution is also available as pure software and works, among others, on VM.

“With Swisscows Search Appliance, employees are best supported. Our search solution is the optimal combination of high performance hardware and innovative software technologies – fast, robust, reliable and easy to use. With a few entries, documents, presentations, images and e-mails are analyzed and the results are presented in a structured way. Swisscows Search Appliance offers data security and a comprehensive functionality that meets the highest requirements“, Mr. Wiebe, Hulbee-CEO, emphasizes.

Not only big companies but also SMEs can access Hulbee’s Search Appliance. Thanks to the customer-friendly prices, even a smaller company can benefit from this solution. From only 5´000 CHF, with no annual license fees, each file is found at lightning speed and without any detours!  „Finally doctors’ offices, lawyers, accountants, etc., can easily access the advanced search solution“, Wiebe adds. After the purchase, the acquired Search Appliance is property of the company, therefore no further renewal fees need to be paid! For more information go to:

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