Hulbee introduces new company search engine for medium-sized businesses


New search engine for companies strengthens productivity and motivation

The Secure-Search-Engine-Provider Hulbee ( has introduced a new enterprise solution for safe company search, called “Swisscows Company Search“. The provider emphasizes that, for the first time, a company-wide search system for medium-sized businesses is available at an affordable cost with a starting price of 5,000 Euros including software and hardware. “Conventional Corporate Search Engines under 100.000 Euros are hard to get“, Hulbee-CEO Andreas Wiebe clarifies the difference, and explains: “Swisscows Company Search scales technically and in terms of cost from micro-enterprises to medium-sized businesses all the way to large corporations.“


From micro-enterprises to medium-sized businesses to large corporations

Hulbee offers different service and price models for different target groups. The smallest solution for up to 20 employees includes server and software for 5.000 Euros, indexing up to 1 million documents. The next largest stage for up to 100 employees, processing up to 10 million documents, costs 25.000 Euros, again including server and software. For 50.000 Euros you get a server- and software solution for a maximum of 250 employees, indexing up to 20 million documents. For larger corporations, “Swisscows Company Search“ is provided as a pure software solution upon request.


The provider emphasizes that, in spite of the SME-tailored prices, the company-wide search system provides a comprehensive functionality, which meet the highest requirements. The software works on the basis of semantic search and provides a solution for business intelligence in addition to the normal search function. All kinds of documents and formats are supported. The Swiss Company Search Engine runs independently of the operating system, working in particular with Windows, Apple Mac and Unix. Storage, NAS and archive are being supported, so they can be indexed. Searching for documents while on the move is easily possible, since the solution is not tied to a specific PC or company computer.


Immediately operational


With the complete package of preinstalled server and immediately operational software, Hulbee meets especially small and medium-sized companies that want to operate a company search engine quickly and easily. “Unpack, plug in, index and search – it‘s really quite easy“, promises Hulbee boss Wiebe. The provider describes commissioning and use as “self-explanatory“.


Finding the required documents takes only a few seconds, just as you’re used to from the Internet. Especially easy is the access of frequently used contents using the tiles on the screen. It does not matter whether you’re searching in structured or unstructured data.


High demand expected

“Our solution is robust, reliable, fast, intuitive and the prices are unbeatably low“, says Wiebe confidently and expects a high demand for the new solution.


The Hulbee boss refers to current research by IDC and Gartner Group, according to which the amount of electronic documents in office life doubles each year. After only one year an office worker usually can’t find the documents he created unless he uses a search engine. It is estimated that every worker spends an average of half an hour – often futile – search per day, which in Europe alone adds up to more than 25 billion Euros being wasted each year. After five years people usually stop looking for documents that they remember exist, but they don’t remember where they are filed. The fatal consequence: the employee creates the document again, knowing he has already done it before. This affects not only the productivity but also the motivation of employees.


Knowledge library instead of data tomb

“In the course of time virtually all companies accumulate an extensive collection of helpful yet untraceable information – knowledge, which unfortunately turned into a useless data tomb“, says Hulbee-CEO Wiebe. He explains: “With Swisscows Company Search this data tomb can be turned into a knowledge library, where every employee can quickly and easily access the information they need for their work.“


With the dedicated server on site the company is also offered a maximum data security because the server is located in the companies‘offices. The device is approximately twice as big as an iPhone 6, thus even fitting in the smallest office. The server can be flexibly configured and can therefore be used for additional purposes, beyond searching for internal information. The new solution is available at renowned resellers like Bechtle, Digitec, Brack etc.



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